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3D quest game for mobile smartphones and tablets. The atmosphere of Eastern Europe in the 1980s, tobacco, alcohol and dangerous children's games. Everything as you like


You are 13 years old and you accidentally found yourself in 1985, in a small town. Learn to survive without gadgets and social networks, try to understand the rules of children's life in the 80s and return to your time.

This is a 3D quest game in which you have to take part in adventures typical for Soviet children of the 1980s: play "hopscotch" and "knives", deal with the janitor and grandmothers, jump rope, go to school, join the pioneers and much more!

You were born in Eastern Europe and want to remember your childhood? Or do you want to look into the past of your parents? So this game is for you!


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How can I play Your Game?

To play Your Game, you need to buy it and specify your email. You will receive the activation key, submit it and enjoy the game.

How to use purchase items?


In order for the items purchased in the store to get into the game, you need to download the game "Childhood of the USSR" from the AppStore or GooglePlay, run it and log in to the Xsolla system (the button will be in the upper right corner of the screen).

What is "Full version" ?


After purchasing the "Full version" you will have access to all the functionality and all levels in the game "Childhood of the USSR". Until then, the game is available in limited mode. To activate the purchased "Full version", you just need to install the game and log into the Xsolla system. After a successful login, the "Full version" is activated automatically

What is "Rubel" ?


"Rubel" is the ingame currency of the "Lost in Childhood" game, for which you can buy game items and tips. In the Shop you can purchase 1, 3 and 5 Rubels. To activate the purchased Rubels, install the game "Lost in Childhood" from the AppStore or GooglePlay, run it, sign in to the Xsolla system, after which the purchased game currency will appear in the game.

Install Game

You can install this game from AppStore or GooglePlay